Why You Should Consider Online Dating Websites

Safest online dating sites

Over 70% of people believe that love at first sight is possible. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, the “sight” part is difficult. The only way to meet your potential mate used to be either random world encounters or to be set up by a friend. However, we’ve increasingly transitioned into a digital age, and online dating websites are now an incredibly valid option for the ever-busy worker.
There are over 54 million single people out there. One of the problems with the dating scene is that not many people know — or can agree on — what they find suitable for a partner. They know what they want, but everyone has a different “most important factor.” For example, about 49% of people say that physical characteristics — “looks” — are the most important, while 64% say common interests are the most important. At first glance, you may be able to see what’s wrong with those numbers. If not, I’ll give you a hint: they add up to 113%. While there may be some explanation — like different surveys, for example — it shows how indecisive people can be when it comes to dating. Almost everybody wants a partner, but few know exactly what they’re looking for in a partner.
That’s the benefit of online dating websites — there’s far less pressure to get it right each time. More than half of people that have tried dating online agree that it “allows people to find a better match for themselves because they can get to know a lot more people.” There’s much less “is this the one?” pressure. You’re able to browse a huge selection of profiles at your own leisure — pull up a laptop while you’re watching TV, or even go on your phone. A lot of the new dating websites have a mobile app to make life easier for singles.
Some people are concerned with safety when it comes to online dating — especially with shows like Catfish: The TV Show gaining popularity. Luckily, there are many safe online dating sites that focus on making sure everybody is who they say they are. These are sometimes called “background check dating” websites, and they make sure that there are no inconsistencies between who a person is claiming to be and who they actually are. These are the safest dating sites, but they can also get fairly expensive.
One out of every ten Americans have used online dating websites before, and almost 25% of them have had long-term relationships — or even a spouse — stem from it. Today’s society is fast-paced, and doesn’t leave much room for social interaction beyond the workplace. Dating online is an excellent solution to this growing problem.

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