Donating To Charity Why It’s Simpler Than You’d Think

Donate clothes to red cross

The fact is that America has a consumption probably. Day after day, we buy everything from technology to clothes; and within a matter of months, what we’ve bought has become boring and obsolete. Having a lot of things that you don’t use isn’t just a waste of money — it’s a waste of space. Clothes and other unused items take up a ton of space in your home, and is just plain annoying to look at. Yet at the same time, it makes no sense to try and sell most of the things you want to get rid of. That’s where things like unused clothing donations come in. The choice to donate clothing and other items to charity may not be an easy one. You may not be ready to “get rid” of your beloved clothes. Or perhaps you’re simply not prepared for the hassle that comes with donating clothes. But clothes donations are about much more than “getting rid” of unwanted items — and there’s not nearly as much hassle involved as you’d think. It’s about making a difference in someone’s life — in a big way.

How Much Clothing Do You Throw Out Each Year?

It’s a hard question to answer. Buying and wasting clothing comes naturally to us. We simply tend to forget about how much clothing is accumulating in our closets. For that matter, it often takes prompting from another for us to realize how little we wear certain items of clothing. Even then, we don’t take steps to rid ourselves of that clothing immediately. It’s estimated that American consume 20 billion garments a year. That’s about 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes per person — or more than one garment a week. There’s no way that all of us need that much clothing each year. The EPA reports that in turn, Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothing per year. What if, rather than throwing away all those clothes, you made used clothing donations instead? There are many different benefits to used clothing donations.

Why Donate Clothes?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to make used clothing donations to charity. For one thing, it’s simply a good thing to do — and many people feel that way. It’s reported that 63% of high net worth donors report that “giving back to the community” is a major reason why they donate to charity. But you don’t have to be wealthy to give back. Something as simple as a clothing donation can help people in a major way. The charity that you donate to will probably be open about where the proceeds go — but if it isn’t you can always ask! There’s also the benefit of going green to consider. You see, part of the downside of throwing your clothes in the trash is that they contribute to already-high level of pollution. By donating clothes, you’re recycling — and in a small way, going green. There are plenty of reasons why people would want to go green. It’s better for the environment; it’s better for the world in general; and it’s a small way of beautifying your world and making it last longer. Donating clothes, unlike other means of recycling, has the added benefit of helping people directly as well as indirectly.

Is Donating To Charity A Hassle?

Maybe you don’t want to donate clothes because it’s too much of a hassle. Don’t feel guilty if that’s you’re reasoning — you’re not alone. But donating clothes today isn’t the way it used to be. For one thing, it’s become even more beneficial to you directly. Some charitable donations can even be written off on your taxes. For another, you may be able to request that the charity you’re donating to come and pick up the clothes from your house. This way, all you have to do is bag your clothes and have them ready to go.

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