What You Should Know When Building a Custom Home

In this video, Dan Nagy, a custom home builder and the founder of Emmett Leo Homes, gives some key guidelines on picking a good home builder. Few things are more precious than a home, and having a poorly done build is a painful experience that no one should have to experience.

Getting a good custom home builder requires quite a bit of research.

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This helps to weed out unprofessional builders quickly. A good place to start is the local home builders’ association to get a list of potential builders.

Ensure they are liability insured and are members of a new home warranty program. Furthermore, a look into their past builds and calling up their provided references will give a better idea of how good a fit they are. They must also be organized with safety programs and have systems in place to track operations and expenses.

Watch how they present themselves and what people say about them. What’s their social media presence like? Often, how a person manages themselves is how they’ll approach their profession. What is said of them should also factor greatly in your assessment.

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