What to Know About Roof Shingle Installation

If you are building a new home or just looking to repair yours, you will need to talk to a roofing installation company. They can help you decide what type of material to use. If you go with shingles, here are some things to know about the process of installation.

A residential roof installation company will first install a drop edge. This is done to mitigate water affecting the roof.

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After that, the felt will be laid down. This is a two-person job, one to lay down and one to secure it to the roof. Installing this after the drop edge will help to seal the roof.

Starter strips will be installed to help prevent wind damage in the future. After that is secured, your shingle installation will start! The contractors will start at the bottom, layering the shingles in intervals until the whole roof is covered. They will be layered diagonally, cutting off one shingle from the end of the strip to be added in later.

The shingles are organized in a specific pattern to, again, help protect your roof from the rain. Choosing shingles will put you among 75% of North American households that do the same. Find a roofer today to discuss your needs.


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