What You Should Consider When Planning Your Wedding

All throughout the United States and over the course of each and every year, weddings are hugely popular. After all, very nearly two and a half million weddings will occur in this country alone over that span of time. This means that around 44,000 plus weddings occur each and every weekend. And for the vast majority of these weddings, a great deal of planning went into making them as perfect as they could possibly be.

After all, your wedding is the culmination of your love for another person while simultaneously marking a new and exciting beginning of a life that the two of you will share. It’s not surprising or unexpected to really want to go all out with it. For many people, planning the perfect wedding is a must. In order to do this, however, a good deal of careful consideration and decision making will be necessary.

First of all, you’ll need to set a date – and one that gives you enough time to plan. The majority of soon to be wed couples will set their wedding date about a year from the time of the engagement – and typically no less than seven months out. This will provide the right amount of time necessary to figure out everything from the wedding party, the venue, and catering to even just who will be attending the wedding in the first place.

The time of year you choose to hold your wedding is likely to depend on a number of different factors, such as that of being able to take off work and having enough time to plan from the time of your engagement. However, summer weddings are particularly common, with data even showing that more weddings occur in June (around 15% of weddings that occur throughout the year) than in any other month. After all, up to 35% of all weddings that occur in this country are now outdoor weddings, at least for the ceremony. This means that the weather must be nice, and June is typically the best bet for this in many parts of the country. It’s not too cold but not yet too hot and is sunny more than anything else – therefore, securing a venue in June ends up being ideal for a good portion of all soon to be wed couples.

Venue is an important thing to figure out, as it is something that must be decided upon early on in the planning process. Booking your venue early is a necessity, as this is what will ultimately determine whether or not you are able to have your wedding in the place of your dreams. With so many weddings occurring each and every year, venues can fill up fast, from wedding ballrooms to more unique wedding venues. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you book your venue at least nine months before the date of your wedding, if not an entire year in advance.

You’ll need to think about the food you’ll serve as well. Depending on the venue, catering services might actually already be offered as part of a wedding package. In such cases, reviewing the catering services provided by the venue and assessing their food is likely the only step you’ll really need to take for securing a caterer. However, not all venues provide catering services, and this is something that must be kept in mind.

Most venues will also allow outside catering services to come in. And more catering services are offering wider varieties of food than ever before, allowing you to meet any of your own dietary restrictions as well as any of the dietary restrictions that you guests might have, something that is becoming more and more critical indeed. Most catering companies can supply a great deal of food as well, the typical catering company able to serve as many as 250 people. If your wedding is even larger than that, however, you might need to do some deeper searching before finding a catering company that can accommodate the number of guests that you have. Fortunately, the average number of guests invited to any given wedding is just 136, a number that the vast majority of all catering companies will be able to handle with ease.

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