Even a Minimalist Home Needs to Remember These Three Points

Minimalism in home living is having a moment. Less clutter in the home is certainly something everyone can appreciate. However, less clutter doesn’t immediately translate to an elegant, minimalistic living space. Where is the line between minimal and bare? Here are a few tips to pull off living with less in style.

Create an Oasis of Calm In a Busy Life.

The key to elegant minimalism is to make it look as though it was done on purpose. One way to go about achieving this is to buy quality home furniture. Meaning, don’t buy new bedroom furniture just because the nearest furniture store is having a weekend sale. The next step is to be selective about the lighting and decor.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Furniture.

Consider the perfect bedroom. The exact details will be different for everyone. The colors, the textures, the layout will differ between people and that’s good. Everyone should have their own vision of of the perfect bedroom. In fact, choosing lovely bedroom furniture is much easier when you’re clear on the style you most admire.

Being confused about your own style or what you like is what creates messy homes. When you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s likely you’ll keep searching and ending up unsatisfied. This creates a disjointed feeling when it comes to home furniture because nothing goes together. While eclectic is a designated interior design style, it takes skill to pull off. It doesn’t mean putting together bedroom furniture from three different art styles.

Good Home Lighting Is What Gives a Room the Right “Mood.”

Every room can benefit from better lighting. Consider the ambiance of a lovely hotel lounge, and that of a high school classroom. The lighting in one evokes feelings of relaxation, while the other strives for pure efficiency. Lighting is considered good when it adds to the purpose of the room.

Good lighting in the case of a bedroom is meant to create a relaxing mood. People more and more are realizing their bedrooms should be solely used for sleeping. This requires dimmable lights, if possible. If not, low-set lamps are preferable to bright overhead lighting. A room with dim lighting and clutter is a mess. A room with soft lighting and a few essential items is attractively sparse.

Don’t Forget the Decor.

When it comes to minimalism and decor the trick is to choose items carefully. This ties back to being clear about the end goal. Any item must be purchased after deciding if it will mesh perfectly with the other items already in the room, if it is well-made, and of course if it will serve a purpose. This doesn’t mean every item in a minimalist’s home is a functional piece. It does mean that each piece is well loved and fulfills the requirement of adding something to the overall appearance of the room it is stationed in.

Decorating a home can be an investment, even without luxury furniture. The average homeowner is said to be willing to spend $2,200 on refreshing their living room furniture alone. Good furniture is the third most expensive category for the average person, following a house and car payment. Making a big purchase requires vision, planning, and patience. The payoff is a lovely home filled with items you love.

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