What are the Benefits of a Private School?

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The advantages of attending private schools are many, and in a world that changes rapidly and is increasingly competitive, many parents are looking for a day school that can not only teach their children their ABC?s, but instill life lessons, provide role models, and other offer intangibles that will set students up for success in future life. If you are considering what might be best for your child, here are some good reasons to consider a private school education:

A Private Day School is More Likely to Satisfy Parents? Goals

Of those with children enrolled in a religious private school, 80% of parents are very satisfied with the education their children are receiving. Parents of students in non-religious private schools report 82% satisfaction with her children’s day school. One of the benefits of private school is the freedom it gives parents to have a very hands-on approach about what their children are learning. Communication is generally very open between parents and administration and parental involvement is high. A private school gives you a chance to improve your relationship with your child as they study, and surrounds them with other children whose parents are equally involved.

A Private Day School Can Get Great Teachers

this is not to say that public schools or other schools have no great teachers. There are great teachers in education everywhere! However, the very nature of private schools makes it easier for them to source good teachers and compensate them in a way that motivates them and keeps them at the school. Many private school teachers have advanced degrees in their fields and see their job as being as much a role model as an instructional teacher.

A Private Day School Generally Has Smaller Classes

Most private schools can afford to have smaller class sizes than public schools. Research has shown that the smaller class size, the better the average student performs. Small class sizes also allow teachers to engage with their classes on a much more personal and helpful basis. This lets the teachers and the administration provide better individual help to improve their students’ where they are weak and bolster their natural strengths.

A Private Day School Can Often Provide Richer Opportunity

in both elementary schools and high schools, private establishments are frequently able to provide enriching experiences above and beyond regular classroom instruction. This may include extra testing prep, university prep, advanced opportunities in music and arts, arrangements for internships with local businesses, and even college prep classes. Students coming from private schools often have an increased chance of entering the best universities, and apply to college with a well-rounded portfolio.

There Are Usually Plenty of Private Schools To Choose From

You may be wondering if there’s really not much choice among private schools. If your child does not feel comfortable at one school, could there be a better fit available? Currently, there are 30,861 private schools in the United States, with 5.3 million students. In large cities, private schools typically see enrollment numbers 1.5 times as high as a enrollment in the public schools. And while some preparatory schools or for one gender or the other, 96% of private schools in 2012 were coeducational. The other 4% were equally divided between boys’ schools and girls’ schools.

The benefits of private school education are many and some are difficult to quantify and put in a list such as this. If you have children you certainly want the best for them. Consider looking into private schools in your area to see how they might provide the best possible education and opportunities for your child.

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