Increase Your Mobility and Quality of Life With a Custom Walking Cane

Canes for better mobility

Most older people agree that getting old is no joke. It can be tough both physically and mentally — you may not bounce back from an injury the way you used to, or moving around might be a little slower going than you’re used to. But many Americans aren’t letting age slow them down. With the assistance of canes and walking sticks, they’re still zipping along and doing their thing. For those looking for more pizzazz, custom walking canes and other stylish canes are available. Though some people may be reluctant to admit that they need the assistance of a cane or walking stick, it can improve mobility and the quality of life they’re experiencing, as well as help guard against falls. If you do need a cane or walking stick, looking at custom walking canes is always a good option, as you can imbue it with some of your personal flair, while also making sure it’s tailored to your needs.

Why are Canes and Walking Sticks So Helpful?

Improved Safety
Around one in four older adults will fall annually in the United States and over two million will have to take a trip to the emergency room as a result. Over half of these falls take place in the home and if the person lives alone, it can be tough for them to get help. Since one of the most common reasons for falls among the elderly is unsteadiness when standing up or walking, canes and walking sticks provide a nice way to safeguard against that. If someone feels unsteady on their feet, they can lean on the cane until it passes.

Better Mobility and Quality of Life
Canes and walking sticks can also help people move about with greater ease — and faster — than if they were on their own. This doesn’t just go for senior citizens either! If you’re recovering from an injury, you might take your first steps towards recovery by leaning on a cane or walking stick. And, because you can move around more, your independence is increased, thereby also improving your quality of life.

When Might I Need a Cane or Walking Stick?
Almost seven million Americans use assistive devices like canes, walking sticks, or walkers to help them get around. The majority of these people are elderly, but there are also people who are disabled or those recovering from an injury or accident who might rely on a cane or walking stick.

How Do I Find the Right One For Me?

A cane or walking stick is only effective if it’s the right height for you. You’ll want to measure your arm before purchasing the cane or walking stick, to ensure that you’re getting the right height. And, you want to decide what’s the right type of assistive device for you. A single tipped cane might be just fine, if you only need a little help getting around, while those who are experiencing more difficulty with stability or dizziness might prefer a four-footed walker, which adds more stability.

What are My Options With Custom Walking Canes?
It’s a pretty safe bet to say that most people would prefer to customize their walking canes if they could. Luckily, custom walking canes are easier than ever to create with the help of the Internet. You can choose the shaft, collar, and in some cases, the type of material the cane is made out of. And of course you’ll choose what type of cane is right for you (whether it has one or two feet, etc.). The sky is the limit when it comes to making your perfect cane, so dream away!

Don’t let pride get in the way of your safety. Join the almost five million others who use canes to get around. Check out custom walking canes and feel stylish and safe.

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