Tooth Realignment Without Braces

The video talks about an alternative to braces for people who want to straighten up their teeth as adults or redo the braces they got for their children that didn’t work. More adults are choosing to get themselves braces and other teeth straightening options so that they can improve their appearance. 1.2 million adults are currently getting treatment that uses braces as a corrective device.

Video Source

About one in every five orthodontic patients is an adult.

The speakers in the video recommend using retainers after getting braces for oneself. Many treatment plans for children and adults failed because the patient did not wear the retainer as instructed.

A fiberotomy might be an effective solution as well. This procedure uses a tool that severs the fibers around the tooth. The severing of those fibers lessens the likelihood of the teeth shifting back to their original positions by changing the muscle memory.

The video also discusses some other ways people can work on their teeth without leaving their homes. Many dental offices have online processes where they can send aligners directly to patient homes. This process usually requires the patient to take a mold of his other teeth at home and send it in for program approval.

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