Tips for AC Duct Repair

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AC ductwork provides air quality and comfort for your home. IF you have damaged ducts, you need AC duct repair to get everything back online, save money on utility bills, and have an effective HVAC system. This video shows how to seal leaking ducts in your home.

If your home has inconsistent temperature, large amounts of dust, and you’re paying high energy bills, you may have leaky ducts. If you look at your ducts in the basement, you may see that they’re insulated. However, this does not mean the duct underneath is sealed.

HVAC contractors will typically seal the ducts with mastic. This is a rubberized cement that is applied to the joints where the ducts connect. They may also use foil tape. If you do not see mastic on your duct joints, they are not sealed.

The problem is that even if you seal all of the exposed ductwork, the majority sits behind your walls, in the ceilings, and under your floors. The best way to get full sealing is to work from the inside out.

All of the supply and return measures are sealed so the contractors can get an idea of where the leaks are. A liquid sealant is converted to an aerosol and sent into the ducts. The leaks are sealed and the ducts are ready to go back to work!

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