The Many Benefits of Assisted Living Facilites

Assisted living for seniors

Gone are the days of full-care nursing homes being the only option for people as they get older. Gone are the days of feeling you are abandoning your loved one in an old folk’s home. Today, there is the option of retirement communities, assistant living facilities, and full-service residential facilities, so people can adjust to their changing healthcare needs.

Independent retirement communities provide residents with a safe and interactive living environment. They maintain their independence living in a private department, but get the benefit of an active community with common areas and regular scheduled events and activities. Research shows that residents living in an independent retirement community are more likely to make new friends and try new things.

Additionally, it has been long known that staying active as long as possible has a direct positive impact on overall health. Elderly people are also commonly prone to depression due to issues related to isolation and declining health, but the depression and the causes are cyclical making each other progressively worse.

Living in an environment where you can stay active and be surrounded by other active older adults can ward off feelings of isolation or negative feelings related to aging. This type of positive environment can positively impact the residents overall health and mental state.

Assisted Living facilities are a step up from independent living facilities. Resident still have their own private apartments, but in a more inclusive environment, so staff can be more involved in their day-today needs.

Assisted living facilities still provide ongoing activities and events, so residents can stay active and do things with others. However, they take care a step further often providing all meals, as well as increased care. Assisted living facilities also have more medical care personnel on staff, so they are more available for the needs of the residents.

Research shows that many assisted living residents suffer from at least one chronic illness that requires ongoing care. Additionally, the research shows that nearly half of all assisted living residents need help with three or four daily activities with dressing and bathing being the most common. Assisted living facilities are also idea for seniors that may have an increased risk of falling, as there is assistance available around the clock.

Similarly, to the independent living option, being part of an assisted living community can also improve residents mental and emotional health as they will be able to spend time with other people and stay active. It enables them to avoid isolation, which is a significant factor in depression.

Beyond assisted living is a full-service residential living facilities, which is often referred to as a nursing home. However, today’s nursing homes are more in tune with the day-to-day emotional and mental needs of the elderly. They too work to provide residents with consistent programs and social opportunities.

There are many different types of retirement homes to choose from depending on your needs or the needs of a loved one. Additionally, these homes take into account the variety of needs their residents may have including factors such as a living spouse or pet.

Aside from residential options, seniors may be in need of short-term rehabilitation care following a surgery or hospital stay. Many senior care communities also offer short-term solutions to seniors in need.

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