Is It Better to Live With Family or in a Senior Care Community?

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Senior living options have not always had a lot in terms of variety. If an elderly person needed daily assistance, they might have moved in with one of their children or looked into retirement homes. One choice might lead to the senior feeling like a burden to their children and their family, especially if they require help performing everyday tasks or are suffering a prolonged illness. And retirement living options are known to be fairly expensive due to the supervision required. The best solution when weighing one’s senior living options is to choose the option that meets most of your needs.

“I Don’t Want My Children to Be Forced to Care For Me.”

It is a very real fear of aging parents, sometimes even more so than actually dying. Genworth Financial conducted a survey regarding long-term care, illness, and retirement. Over half of the respondents admitted being a burden to their family due to long-term care frightened them more than death. On the other side of that, most adults would never want their parent(s) to feel unwanted. The problem comes when the duties or daily assistance is not clearly discussed before moving anywhere. Miscommunication can lead to underestimating the amount of time and effort required.

“How Can I Enjoy My Retirement?”

There is some apprehension that retirement leads to boredom. That is not quite true. People who have activities three to four times on a regular basis are much happier than retirees who only have one or two. Seeing people and engaging in an enjoyable activity on the regular is healthy. While not having the immediate urgency of a job, it is important to have a concrete reason to get out of bed in the morning. This means having hobbies, and friends to share them with.

“How Does a Senior Care Community Make Retirement More Enjoyable?”

If your senior living options are paused because you cannot for one reason or another live alone, and would rather not live with your offspring, it is time to look into assisted living communities. First, know that in assisted living about 76% of residents are women and about 24% are male. Residents of these communities have a nurse present 24 hours a day, everyday. Another feature that may assure family members is nutrition is regulated. Meaning, a nutritionist has planned the menus served each day to ensure the residents are eating properly, a real concern for those elderly persons who insist they have very little appetite.

As mentioned before, activities are key when anticipating retirement. Having several activities planned on a consistent basis is important for mental wellness and satisfaction. Partaking in such activities are more fun with friends. It is easier to meet and keep new friends when you live near each other.

When considering senior living options, it is helpful to remember what level of care may be required. This time in a person’s life can be vibrant and satisfying. It all depends on your outlook.

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