The Benefits to Living in a Home with Softer Water

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Water is essential for life on this planet but millions of people, all over the world, do not have access to it. Even within the United States, the water in some places is not as healthy as it can and should be. The country was riveted when the news about the water problems in Flint, Michigan were made public. Even if you are not so concerned with lead or pathogens being in your water, a water softener system can make a different for you and your family. Here are som benefits to having a water softener:

  1. The items in your home will be cleaner. When you have hard water, it can feel like it is almost impossible to get your silverware, plates and glassware as clean as you want them to be. One of the first things you will notice when your water goes from hard to soft is just how much better your dishes will look.
  2. Soft water is not as hard on your skin. When you have hard water, it can be very harsh on your skin. When you get a water system, you will notice that your skin will become a lot more soft and clean and even more smooth.
  3. If you do the cleaning around your home, you may notice deposits of soap curd around your water fixtures. A good water treatment system that makes your water softer will get rid of all of this and make it possible for you to spend less time cleaning and more time living your life.
  4. Your soaps and shampoos will have more luxurious lathers. Before you have the water softener do its thing, you may have noticed that when you wash your hair, the lather is not as full and rich. Once your water has reached the tight softness, it will come back. It has been estimated that people who have a water softener use up to 75% less shampoo than people with hard water issues.
  5. You will be able to get softer clothes and linens. Most people want to have soft clothing, towels and linens but not everyone wants to use chemicals to get them soft. When you use a water softener, you may not have to. This is another benefit to getting sorter water, you get softer clothing, too! This will also make everything look brighter and las longer.
  6. Your coffee will taste better. If you have appliances that use water (coffee pot, ice maker), you will find the product tastes better when the water is softer.
  7. Your appliances will last longer. The dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker all suffer when there is hard water going through your system. Hard water leaves mineral deposits that can damage your appliances over time. You will save money on appliance repairs with softer water.
  8. It is good for the environment. When you have a water softener in your home, you can reduce your carbon footprint because this will lower the amount of greenhouse gases your home produces.
  9. Soft water can make you healthier. Having water systems can make a big difference. Clean water is vital to your health. When you have better tasting water, you will drink more of it. Consider the following:
    • Most people are so divorced from the sense of thirst that by the time people feel it, they are already dehydrated. Therefore it is important to drink water before your body tells you it needs water.
    • Many headaches can be treated by drinking more water. One of the signs that a person is dehydrated is a headache. So, drinking water can do a lot to make a headache go away. When you have a whole house filtration system for chlorine removal and to make your water softer, you mat be able to skip medicine and just opt for a nice, glass of clean water.
    • Dehydration can have a bad impact on your life. Even when mild, dehydration can impact how your brain works. Drink more water to be smarter!

The fact that water is life is never more apparent than in places where people pay ore for water than they do for oil or gas. While we have more access in the U.S., a good water softener can still make it much better.

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