Reasons You Need a Good Night’s Sleep

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The National Sleep Foundation says that adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night but the vast majority of people never get that. From using organic sleepwear and organic sheets, there are things you can do to improve the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. There are some very good reasons to get more sleep. Here are a few:

  1. Bad sleep can lead to weight gain. All research into the link between sleep and weight shows that getting less sleep can and will lead to weight gain. It is considered to be a big risk factor for obesity. It has been estimated that somewhere between 55% and 89% of adults and children who do not get enough sleep are much more likely to become obese. This is because it has an impact on the hormones that are released.
  2. You will eat less if you sleep more. Research into the link between sleep and diet has shown that people who have better sleeping habits are get fewer calories than people who do not get as much sleep. Good sleepers have smaller appetites. Again, hormones play a role here. Disruptions in sleep cause disruptions in hormone levels, which leads to disruptions in appetite regulation.
  3. People who sleep more are more productive. The more time you spend in your organic sleepwear, the better your concentration will be and the more you will able to get done. People who sleep more are better able to concentrate, perform better and have better cognition. To look at how sleep impacts performance, studies have been done looking at how sleep impacts medical interns. When they were working on the hard schedules that did not allow much sleep, they were responsible for 36% more mistakes than doctors who had gotten enough shut eye.
  4. You will perform better at sports. Medical professionals are not the only ones who are impacted by better sleep. People who play sports do much better when they have enough sleep. Basketball players’ performance was looked at in terms of how much sleep they get. When they are able to get enough sleep, they see improvements in accuracy, reaction times and speed.
  5. Better sleep makes you stronger. When elderly women are not able to get enough sleep, they have less muscle strength, walk slower and have a harder time doing things independently.
  6. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased chances for developing heart disease or having a stroke. This is one of the main problems people who do not get enough sleep have. It is also one of the reasons sleep apnea is so serious. In fact, one of the biggest risk factors in developing heart disease or having a stroke is problems with sleep. More than 15 research studies have shown this link.
  7. Poor sleep can also lead to diabetes. This is another problem that also occurs in people who suffer from sleep apnea. When people do not get enough sleep, it can impact their insulin sensitivity, leaving it less effective. This, in turn, can have an impact on their metabolism and increase their chances for developing diabetes.
  8. People who so do not get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from depression. There are strong links between sleep deprivation and depression. By some estimates, as many as 90% of people who do not get enough sleep report being depressed.
  9. You can boost your immune system by getting more sleep. Another reason to get comfortable organic sleepwear is that it will help your immune system keep you healthy. Just losing sleep for a short period of time can hurt your immune systems. Researchers took a group of people and gave them all nose drops with a virus that causes the common cold. When people get less than seven hour of sleep each night are exposed, their chances of developing the cold are triple the rate for people who get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Sleep is very important to your health and general well being. Buying organic sleepwear, organic bedding products and organic bedding sets can help you get a better night’s sleep because they are made better and are more comfortable. The more comfortable you are in bed,
the better your sleep will be.

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