The Benefits of Tree Trimming

What comes to mind when you think about lawn care? Typically we think about the grass, fertilization, and flowers, but one thing we don’t think much about is our trees!

Trees are the biggest asset to our landscape and take up the most space. Trees are what make a landscape come together. Now, you’re probably asking how do we maintain our beautiful trees, and the answer is simple, and that is using a tree trimming service.

There are many benefits when it comes to using a tree trimming service. Tree trimming is beneficial because it improves the structure of the tree.

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Tree trimming can help a tree become more tolerant to wind, ice storms, and even hurricanes.

How do you know when it’s the right time to trim your trees? It all starts with the health of your tree’s skeleton. If you want to know the overall health of your tree take a look at the bottom of the tree or the root flare and follow the trunk up and see how the branches are spaced and attached. If there are branches that are growing in a way that could weaken the branch attachment, then it’s a good idea to prune to remedy that defect. This will overall strengthen your tree’s structure. Your trees will become stronger and will less likely be damaged by harsh weather conditions. Using a tree trimming service sets up your tree for a long happy life!

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