The Benefits of a Umbrella Cane

Folding canes

Every year in the United States of America, one out of every four adults will fall. While this may not seem dangerous to some at first glance, it is a horrifying statistic. This statistic may not move younger people, who are not worried about falling nor the injuries that can you can sustain from falling. However, it will alarm anyone who is older.

As you grow older, you become weaker in terms of physical strength. This is why you will often see older people with wooden canes, a walking stick, or a large walker. Your bones will become weaker as will your muscles, unless you keep yourself in tip top shape. That is why it is important for you to invest in help and aid as you grow older, with one item in particular and that item is the one and only umbrella cane.

With older adults, over 50% of all of their falls will occur within their home. So even within the safe confines of their house, older people are at a severe risk of falling and hurting themselves not to mention the moments in which they are out in public. Every year, over two million senior citizens will end up having to visit the emergency room because they were injured in the process of falling to the ground.

This is why it is imperative to avoid risks and to invest in the right tools to help you, such as the umbrella cane. There are obviously other types of canes like bariatric canes, classy canes, or even carbon fiber canes. However, if you want a cane that will be stylish and versatile, the umbrella cane is the way to go.

Two of the most common causes of falls in the elderly are both unsteadiness or dizziness when standing up or walking. Every 11 seconds in an emergency room there is an older adult that seeks treatment for a fall in which they have hurt themselves. About 6.8 million Americans will use devices like canes that aim to help them with mobility.

Out of all Americans over the age of 85, under 40% use mobility devices, which is incredibly dangerous to their health. 4.8 million Americans (70% of mobility device users) walk with a cane, making canes the most widely used mobility devices in the U.S. 10.2% of Americans aged 65 and over use a cane. More than one-fifth (22.3%) of cane users cite osteoarthritis as the main cause of their limited mobility.

There is no reason that someone who is cosnidered an older person should be without the help of a cane. An umbrella cane can help aid an older person with their mobility while also making them appear to be trendy and cool. After all, you do not want to make someone who is old actually feel old. However, their health is the most important thing, even if they are not willing to admit that they need help. An ego can be dangerous for everyone but especially dangerous for those who are older.

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