Stone and Tile Detailing

There is a multitude of materials that can be used from home construction, both inside and outside. Of all the options, stone and brick continue to be some of the most popular- especially when it comes to finishing walls and accent areas of the home. Installing architecture stone is a big deal and must be done right to ensure a good look and to achieve a long-lasting finished product. In this YouTube video, a stonework professional goes over how to get the best look with any stone or brickwork you need by ensuring the facade and installation are up to a set of very high standards.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn how to prepare the area for the brick and stone, how to install it properly, how to create a stunning look, and how to protect your brick and stone, so it looks great for years to come. No matter what your project entails or what the finished project may be, the tips in this video can help you achieve a great look each and every time!.

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