Space Balloons and Summer Reading

Family reading program magazines

The First Library in Space program, from the Durham, NC library, is set to launch a helium balloon powered capsule into near space to celebrate the midpoint of their summer reading program. As the balloon achieves higher altitudes, the natural changes in pressure will pop the balloon, sending the gps tagged capsule parachuting back to earth. They hope to capture images and video on the flight up, so that kids can follow online. Plus, during the rest of the summer, the library reading program will be passing out the stickers that made it into space as part of their reading program.

You do not have to launch a space balloon to inspire or reap the benefits of a summer reading program for your kids. You can take advantage of family reading night activities at home to keep your kids reading during the summer. With some simple planning and a little dedication, your kids do not have to face the summer slide in reading skills. For some families, it may be a challenge to get kids interested in reading while on summer vacation, but studies show that those that continue to read will not lose comprehension and vocabulary skills that non readers might experience.

You can explore introducing family reading program magazines as an alternative to books for some reluctant readers. Whether you read to your little ones or encourage the older kids to read to you, magazines can be an easily overlooked source of entertainment. Sometimes just finding the right topics can spark renewed interest in reading, and they provide instant inspiration as new magazines arrive each month. In fact, the two biggest signs that kids will become frequent readers are parents that read at home and having books available in the home.

Since kids are 92 percent more likely to read if they choose what to read, you might want to embrace all forms of reading, including comics, interactive ebooks, or other non traditional fare. In fact, incorporating family reading program magazines into the mix, you can give your kids a chance to read a quick article on those little jaunts around town that might otherwise be spent with video games or other activity.

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