Plan Family Reading Nights to Give Your Kid a Head Start

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One of the trends that has come with the growth of the digital age is that, in many cases, books are being replaced by television shows. Though reading before bed has been around for seemingly forever, more than 70% of eight to 18 year olds now have a TV in their room, and more than half have a DVD player as well. But even though kids might prefer to watch TV before bed, rather than crack open a book, there are lots of benefits to reading. Because of that, parents should try to plan some fun family reading night activities that pull kids away from the TV and to a book instead.

There are all kinds of educational benefits to kids who read regularly. Finding some unique family reading night ideas can help kids master the English language, improve communication skills, learn basic speech, improve their logical thinking skills, and boost their ability to concentrate and maintain discipline. These many skills are vital when it comes to academic success, and one in six kids who do not read proficiently by the third grade will fail to graduate high school. This means that getting kids to read is a good idea for parents who want to give them a head start academically.

Of course, one of the main benefits of a family reading program is that, quite simply, it allows parents and kids to spend more time together. Nowadays, everyone has busy schedules that make it difficult for families to sit down and have dinner, let alone play games and bond at night. Between hectic work schedules, sports, homework, and spending time with friends, kids and parents are being stretched thin when it comes to time. So finding some family reading night ideas, and using them regularly, is a great option for families who want to spend some productive bonding time together.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for parents to think of family reading night ideas off the top of their head, and not being able to might cause them to try to find alternatives or cancel reading night altogether. However, there are lots of places they can turn to get some recommendations. While some might want to ask a teacher, the majority can hop online and learn more about countless ideas. Sites like Pinterest are a great resource for any parent looking for ways to get their kids to read, and will feature everything from putting on puppet shows to rewards programs for reading.

Every family is unique, so there might not be one idea or family reading program that will work for all of them. However, taking the time to do a bit of research and find some fun ideas is a good way for parents to make sure their kids are reading and getting best prepared for their academic career.

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