Senior Living How to Determine What Living Arrangement Is Ideal for You

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Life is a beautiful thing to be experienced by individuals of all ages. Unfortunately, as we get older the tasks that were once mundane can become difficult or impossible. Depending on your living arrangement, it may be time to look into one of the many eldercare facilities to get just the right amount of help you need.

When is Assisted Living Necessary?

It is estimated that nearly seven out of 10 Americans over the age of 65 are in need of long-term senior care services. Modern medicine is helping us live longer than ever before in the history of our species; it is estimated that those who reach the age of 65 will have an average of 18.5 more years on their life as opposed to 1960’s statistics that averaged only four years past 65. The question of assisted living is one that ought to be addressed on an individual level, although there may be a few signs that show when it could be time. Safety is the primary concern, so if an individual experiences frequent trips, falls, and injuries around the home it may be time to look into eldercare facilities. Many caregivers have noted increased aggression from seniors, especially as the day gets later; this may be another sign that assisted living could be the best option.

Different Kinds of Senior Housing Options

Not all eldercare facilities are the same; there are many options that vary depending on the level of help the senior requires. An independent living community for seniors is the least intrusive eldercare facility: these communities are ideal for independent seniors with relatively few medical problems. An assisted living arrangement on the other hand is best suited for seniors that are unable to live on their own safely but do not require the high-level of care seen in nursing homes; assisted living facilities help seniors with their medications, activities of daily living, and provide meals and routine housekeeping. A nursing home is for those who require 24 hour medical care and assistance from nurses; there is both short and long term nursing home arrangements depending on individual needs.

Finding Local Eldercare Facilities

Finding the right kind of senior living arrangement can be difficult; it is advised that each facility is carefully inspected prior to making any decisions to ensure the comfort, safety, and happiness of the senior in question. No two facilities are the same: many offer a variety of services, recreational activities, and opportunities depending on the level of care made available to residents. Up to 89.3% of independent living residents are happy with their living situation with 84.5% recommending their community to someone else. Finding an independent or assisted living arrangement that puts the needs of the individual resident as a priority is the most important thing to consider; do your research and determine your unique needs to guarantee a living arrangement that works best for you.

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