5 Facts About Texas That Might Surprise You

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Texas isn?t exactly a low-profile state. It?s one of the largest states in the union — but unlike Alaska, this state is heavily populated. It shares a border with Mexico and is home to NASA as well as an eclectic music scene. But there may still be several facts about Texas that you don?t know. Here are a few.

1. Antebellum Crypt Under Overpass

If you?re familiar with Houston?s Franklin Street Bridge, you may have heard about the Donnellan family. Their entire family died after discovering an unexploded Civil War bomb in the remains of an old ship. Although the family?s remains were removed over 100 years ago, the crypt itself is still there.

2. Austin?s Secret Bars

Prohibition may be long behind us, but the speakeasy remains tantalizing for those who seek an underground vibe. There are numerous clandesthine speakeasies operating in Austin — not only are there no visible signs indicating where these bars are — many require entering through a secret door.

3. X Marks the Spot We?ve all heard legends of hidden treasure. In the case of Texas, though, this is often the real deal, with looting bandits hiding their money all across the state. The amount of treasure buried under Texas?s soil is estimated to be worth at least $300 million. Good luck finding it though!

4. Luxury Ranch for Sale: Texas is Home to the Largest Ranch in the Country

The 510,000 acre W.T. Waggoner Ranch is gigantic. It spans numerous zip codes and is nearly the size of Rhode Island. The Texas property is home to about 125 employees, many who have worked on the ranch for generations past. The W.T. Waggoner Ranch went up this year on auctions for Texas ranch land for sale, and was finally bought up by billionaire Stan Kroenke for around $725 million. It?s a great ranch, but for most people, this ranch land for sale might be a little out of price range.

5. UT Texas is Connected — Underground

Did you know there?s an underground tunnel system at the University of Texas? Though most people are unaware it exists, the tunnels can be an interesting place to explore (today, they mostly just house pipes and wiring — these are steam tunnels, not really intended for student use).

Texas is a beautiful state — and a large one. Did any of these facts surprise you? For more, read this link.

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