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There are many reasons to answer the question ‘Why send your child to a day school’. Day schools and private schools in general have a lot of positives. They also have some negatives. It’s possible to look at both and come to a generally good appreciation of both and make a decision about where to send a child.

Private schools have nearly 1.5 times as much of their enrollment in large cities compared to public schools. There are 30,861 private schools in the United States, serving 5.3 million PK-12 students. Private schools seem to be concentrated in large cities due to these statistics and they seem to serve millions of Pre0K through 12th grade students.

Many parents seem satisfied with their child’s private school. According to one statistic, 80% of students enrolled i a religious private school in 2011-2012 and 82% of students in other private schools reported being “very satisfied” with their child’s school. This could possibly be due to a number of reasons.

Private schools require tuition, which can be difficult for parents. Although there is a certain difficulty in this, parents who enroll their children in private schools would hopefully know where their money is going. Parents need to know their child is getting education that will prepare them for college.

Public schools, however, do not require tuition. Money is not needed to pay for books. Uniforms aren’t likely, unless the school is a charter school. The school is paid for by the government, which provides the equipment used in the school, the tables and chairs used in the school, and the teachers’ salaries.

Private schools, generally, are thought to have better academics and more qualified teachers. One study said that the majority of private school teachers had advanced degrees, with the implication being that public school teachers had a bachelor’s degree.

Private schools generally have the possibility of offering better equipment for students to learn on, which is crucial for many science and technology courses. Private schools may struggle to pay for that but have the option of raising tuition rates while informed the parents of the school’s plan.

Public schools may be able to offer that equipment but at the expense of the government, which generally doesn’t dispense of money like candy canes. Public schools may suffer from lack of equipment, including basic needs like seats in class or lack of materials.

Public schools may have the funds if they are in certain districts compared to other, poorer districts. A public school district in a suburb might be more equipped with equipment than a public school in the inner city. It depends on funding. Quality of teachers matters as well.

A school that is not run well by the principal may have a more difficult challenge keeping teachers than a school where the principal has run it well. Qualified teachers might opt to go to private schools where often behavioral problems are less of an issue. That may start to answer the question ‘Why send your child to a day school’.

The phrase ‘day school’ means just an educational institute that educates a student over the course of the day. It can mean a private school, a school in the afternoon like after school care or much more. Sending a student to a day school might mean a private school sending.

‘Why send your child to a day school’

The answer is that a child is occupied at a day school. A child is given instructions on numerous topics. The child would then be encouraged or at least in position to learn the subjects that the teacher teaches him or her. The child would learn more and be more equipped for the real world with real world applications.

‘Why send your child to a day school’

A day school will possibly have qualified teachers in which to teach a child all the things that they need to learn at that developmental level. The teachers will likely be able to instruct your child on the use of creativity or utilize that creativity to be able to teach applications in the real world.

There are many opportunities for the real world applications of teachings in a day school. A child may learn much in a day school.

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