Rent To Own Sheds

Quaker style chicken coop

Rent To Own Sheds

Have you ever dreamt of owning a high-quality shed, but struggled to come up with the money to pay for it? That won’t be a problem any longer with Amish Mike’s Rent to Own Program. Amish Mike’s deliver sheds to customers without any sort of credit check, month to month lease agreements, or early payoff fees. As New Jersey’s largest supplier of Amish built sheds, Amish Mike’s offers payment plans that span 24 to 36 months and can deliver sheds that fit the buyer, family, and property!

What Can Sheds Be Used For?

Amish built sheds can be used for a plethora of reasons. A few examples, but ideas are limitless and are not limited to, include:

-4×6 chicken coop or Amish chicken coop

-4×6 dog kennel, 8 x 12 dog kennel, custom dog kennels

-Amish dog houses

-Amish horse barns

-Amish gazebos

-Amish garden shed, cedar sheds

-Amish patio furniture

-Amish pool house

-Amish prefab garage

-Amish rabbit hutch

-Beautifully designed pergolas

-Any sort of Amish outdoor furniture

Is Amish Furniture High Quality?

The short answer is Yes, Amish Furniture IS High Quality! Handmade and created by furniture makers with a strong work ethic, Amish furniture is built to last. 100% of Amish furniture is hand-crafted with respect, love, and passion in every piece.

Amish furniture first gained attention in the 1920s, when early American folk art was “discovered”, and dealers and historians placed great value upon the beauty and quality of the pieces. In a survey of over 2,000 consumers, 72.7% of respondents agreed that, ?The design of my furniture reflects my personality,? and 67% of respondents agreed with the statement, ?A lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns.” Why not own high quality furniture and better your overall outlook on life? You get what you put into something, and wooden shed should last at least 15 to 20 years. Due to the high-quality and handmade aspect of Amish furniture, it takes approximately eight weeks to build new or custom Amish furniture and expect to wait between 12 and 16 weeks for your Amish furniture when you order online. These sheds are worth the wait once you see and feel the quality for yourself!

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