Professional Moving Services Make Life’s Biggest Transitions Easier to Handle

Summer time, and the living is easy.

At least it should be.

This summer, however, you find yourself facing some serious challenges. As both a blessing and a curse, you find yourself packing up and and moving out of your large four bedroom three bath home for a tiny two bedroom one bath bungalow. You are thrilled that someone has offered you a great price on your home that you were not quite ready to sell. The fact that the buyer is your neighbor’s son makes the offer so appealing. Without having to pay any real estate fees, this is actually a dream come true. You are four years short, however, of the time when you were planning to move full time to your house at the lake, so you found yourself looking for a new place to live on very short notice.

Fortunately, you have to rental properties in town and without much effort you were able to give notice to one of the renters, complete some renovations, and found a solution.

The downsizing efforts that this move is taking, however, are overwhelming. The only saving grace is that your husband actually agreed to hire professional residential movers. In the past, the only moving assistance you have ever had was your three sons. This time though even your husband admits that the short time frame requires some professional help. You are fairly familiar with the several of the area residential moving services, so it was easy to make a decision. With one load of items that will be moving to the lake house and another that will be transferred to your new small home, it is a relief to know that once you complete the difficult task of sorting through your belongings of 30 years someone else will take care of the moving itself.
Americans are a very mobile population. In fact, 63% of Americans have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while only 37% have never left their hometowns. And while there are people who are moving all times of the year, nearly 50% of all moves take place in the summer, specifically the beginning of May through Labor Day. In addition to home owners moving, the rental population is also fairly migrant. In fact, 33% of renters move every year. Whether you are relocating for work like many Americans or you are ready to downsize, it is a significant relief to know that there are reliable residential moving services.

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