What to Do When Your Home Produces Smelly Water

You’ll know if you have bad tasting water in your home. It will also be obvious if your home has smelly water in the pipes. These are obvious and unfortunate problems to have in any home. One solution many homeowners seem to enjoy is adding a commercial water filtration system. Read below to find out what adding a system to your home could do.

Why Your Home Might Need a Water Filtration System.

Water that is contaminated usually smells. For example, a high level of ammonia will make smelly water that is reminiscent of urine. There may also be a high level of lead or radon, both of which have negative life-long effects on those who drink or bath in the water. In these cases, the water must be decontaminated. In other cases of smelly water, a simple purification system could be sufficient.

Why Does Water Need to Be “Softened?”

When hard mineral are in water, removing those hard minerals will “soften” the water. Hard minerals are not good to have in water that is for personal use. The two most common minerals found in a home’s water supply are magnesium and calcium. These two minerals frequently show up as water spots on your dishes. Although you cannot see it, these minerals also leave traces on your laundry, your hair, and your skin.

How Is a Water Filtration System Added to a Home?

A water filtration system does not need to run along each and every pipe in your home. The filter simply needs to be positioned at just the right spot so that hard water flows in, while softened water flows out to the rest of the home. The process is not complicated, however it is probably best left to the professionals as it deals with running water.

What Are the Long-term Benefits of a Water System?

Americans don’t drink enough water. Some estimate that up to 75% of all adults are chronically hydrated. It’s actually called the “hidden epidemic.” Part of the reason why adults forget or choose to not drink water is the taste. Water is meant to be practically flavorless. Of course, smelly water has a bad taste. That won’t exactly encourage anyone to drink up.

A water filtration system in the home could encourage household members to drink more glasses of water throughout the day. Purified water has a smooth, pure flavor that is pleasing to most people. The long-term benefits of staying hydrated are essential to one’s health.

Some people live in areas where the drinking water naturally tastes fresh and clean. Other homeowners are not so lucky. To even the field, it is worth it to consider adding a water filtration system to your home if you have smelly water. The smell could be a sign that your water simply has too many minerals or other contaminants in it. There’s no need to live with bad tasting water.

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