Familiy Reading Night

Family reading program

Do you feel like your children are spending too much time watching television? Do you feel like your family is not spending enough time together? Planning a weekly family reading night could help you and your children spend more quality time together while improving their learning abilities and performance.

Most children spend hours each day sitting in front of some form of screen based entertainment. This generally does nothing good for their learning abilities or attention span. A little television to rest after school or study can be alright, but most children have far too much of it. Reading, however, is an essential life skill and the younger children start, the better they will be at it, and the more they will learn over their entire childhood and lifetime.

A family reading night could be a great way to help get your children more interested in reading and away from the television. If you are wondering how this works, there are many different family reading night activities to choose from that get the family reading together. For instance, everyone could choose a book together and take turns reading it out loud for an hour or two or however long you like.

For more family reading night ideas, there are family reading program magazines and websites to help you plan your evenings and keep them fresh and your children interested. While you are getting started, try different things to see which keep you and your children most engaged and happy. Always feel free to change things up. You can also try matching the books you read with the season or any other theme. Whatever you decide, we hope you will enjoy family reading night and that it will help bring your family closer together while getting your children excited about reading.

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