A Little Paint And The Right Bed May Help You Sleep Better At Night

Many Americans view interior design as a personal, aesthetic choice. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about looks. The way you design, arrange, and furnish your bedroom may ultimately affect how well you sleep. Do you want to design the optimal bedroom for restful, satisfying sleep? Here are a few pointers from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF):

Skip Wallpaper, and Paint The Room One Of These Colors

Bold patterns or colors may be to blame for your problems sleeping at night, at least in part. One of the many natural ways to sleep better at night is to re-evaluate over-the-top wallpaper or bright, disruptive paint colors. According to a study by Travel Lodge, participants who slept in a blue room slept longer (an average of seven hours and 52 minutes) than those sleeping in rooms painted any other color. Muted, pastel yellows also promote calm, relaxation, and sleep.

Eliminate Noise

While some may swear by having a fan on to fall asleep, the sound of a fan whirring, leaving the TV on in the background, and any other noise pollution may actually have a negative impact on sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends using ear plugs or an air purifier to significant reduce sounds that may interfere with rest and leave you tossing and turning at night.

Go For Comfort

Don’t select a bed based on looks. Promoting sleep comfort, by way of soft, silk linens and adjustable beds, for example, is one of the best, entirely natural ways to sleep better at night. Splurge a little on comfortable sheets and pillows, and if your flat mattress seems to be contributing to back pain, neck pain, and a poor night’s sleep, know that it is not all in your head. A flat bed does not support the curve of the spine and may put up to 50 pounds of pressure on your back. Adjustable beds allow you to sleep in many different positions, and many of them are much more suitable for properly supporting your limbs and spine. Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds, for example, are available with optional heat and soothing massage that may provide temporary relief from low back pain, poor circulation, edema, mild arthritis, or just poor sleep. Consumers can rely on the Craftmatic® brand, which has been in business over 40 years and sold more than 1.1 million beds during that time.

When it comes to your bedroom, comfort should come first. Nearly all natural ways to sleep better start with a little rearranging or interior design. Paint the walls a soothing blue or muted yellow, place noisy electronics in another room, and choose beds for comfort, not design.

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