Tips for Planning a Memorial Service

Planning a funeral or memorial service is, of course, a stressful endeavor. You should take extra care when choosing a funeral home and any other vendors involved in the funeral process. You don’t want to add any additional trauma to your already full plate.

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The first thing you should consider when planning a funeral is your budget. This will narrow down several options in your area and lead you in the right direction. The sad truth is that the funeral business is a very expensive industry. You will likely be shelling out a good amount of cash on funeral arrangements. Decide on a budget and set aside money in your finances to devote to this process. And once you’ve chosen a budget, don’t stray from it. Be strict with yourself and stick to your guns.

You also need to set your priorities. This is where you’ll need to consider the wishes of your deceased loved one. What did they value most? What would they find necessary in a funeral ceremony and what would they find frivolous? Remember that a funeral is meant to honor the life and personality of an individual, and thus their preferences should be accounted for.


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