Learn About Soil Transformation Studies

When scientists look at the soil, they are trying to understand why it has the properties it does and how they can be made better. This is how soil transformation studies are used. Keep reading to learn a bit more about these studies and how they help our environment in the long run.

Video Source

Scientists will look at cross-sections of the earth when they are trying to complete these studies. They may see a distinct line where the soil has been affected by man-made activities, like in the video. This is caused by different amounts of iron oxidizing over time.

This is what scientists study. When soil is transformed over time, it can be witnessed in a cross-section of the ground. This is proof of the impact that humans have had on the world. Copious amounts of iron wouldn’t be in the ground at different intervals if our activities hadn’t put it there. These studies are important because it helps us understand where the Earth is going in terms of its soil quality. It changes the species that can live and grow there.

Watch this video to learn more about the process of this study. It’s an important part of our growing world.


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