How to Improve Your Toddler Program

Teaching toddlers comes with challenges and opportunities. They can amaze you with how quickly and deeply they learn some things, but it can sometimes be tough to get their attention. In this video, a presenter shows how to successfully use props to teach 2-3-year-olds in your toddler program.

The type of props the presenter uses are image cutouts glued or taped to the top of a stick. She recommends jumbo prop sticks and laminated glue-ons.

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She emphasizes that using the right materials is critical for toddlers because they will misuse something or break it if it is not well-designed and durably built. According to her, without lamination, you can expect the props to be used only time before they break.

The presenter goes on to talk about the types of prop activities that work best with toddlers. She insists that the activities should be short and simple. Because toddlers are involved, she also mentions the importance of rules such as not touching other kids with the props and not putting them in your mouth. Once the toddlers have a decent feel for how to use the props, you can move on to having them raise and lower the props as they listen to a story or sing a song. Overall, props are a great teaching tool for toddlers.


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