How to Get Your Family Home Ready for the Summer

When summer comes, that means schools are out! Parents have more access to vacation time, so that means there are plenty of hours for everyone to get together and bond. Instead of relying on expensive excursions to amusement parks and other cities, your family can have just as much fun from the comfort of your property when you make sure that you get the house ready for the summer. Read this guide for tips on how to get the home ready for warm weather and have loads of fun with the kids on summer break.

Install a Pool

Swimming is one of the best activities for your overall health. According to WebMD, it’s a great low-impact sport. The buoyancy of water provides great resistance to your muscles without stressing out your ligaments. So everyone can have fun together while doing a light workout.

In addition to being a great healthy activity, it’s also good entertainment. Can you imagine having weekly pool parties with other family, friends, and some neighbors? That’s why you find out how to install inground pools. Take a visit to your local pool store and talk to a professional that may be able to do that service on your property. One of the best ways to get ready for summer is to take out the swim trunks and splash around in the water with family and friends.

According to Spoon University, there are as many as seven diseases you can get from a public pool. Building your own pool at home can keep the family safe and germ-free. Getting sick at a public pool is no way to get ready for the summer.

Make the Backyard Fun

Get ready for the summer by learning how to play golf from the comfort of your backyard. You can hire a contractor to lay down some turf in the backyard so you and the kids can do your best Tiger Woods impersonation. You can additionally turn your backyard into the coolest spot in town by putting up a volleyball net or basketball court. In addition to swimming, your backyard will have plenty of ways for you and the family to burn calories while having fun.

Does your family enjoy movie nights? Many big cities have outdoor movie events during the summer. If you have the space in the backyard, you could bring your own outdoor movie night to your property. All it takes is a big screen and a movie projector. Set some chairs outside and you can have your own outside home theater. You may need to call your local electrician to do some extra wire work to make sure you can comfortably use your projector outside.

Plant a Garden

There’s nothing like having a garden on your property. With garden landscaping services, you can show your kids the value of growing their own food.

Teach them about nature and how different plants sprout. Once you prepare the garden, if you have more than one child, each one can have their own little plot in a garden that they’re responsible for. Tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, and bush beans are some of the easiest veggies to grow, according to Gardening Chores. Learning about food science and nutrition by way of your own garden is an excellent way for the family to get ready for the summer.

As vegetables and fruit begin to bloom, you and the kids can prepare some meals together in the kitchen based on what you got from the garden. There’s no doubt that your children will feel a sense of accomplishment in not only growing their food but also helping to cook healthy meals with it. This summer skill is something that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Create a Family Entertainment Room

After all the swimming, basketball playing, and gardening you and the family plan to do this summer, at some point you will all want to just relax in front of the TV. Make family movies or TV show night extra special by creating an entertainment room. You can buy an extra large screen TV and make sure you have someone to do proper TV mounting for you. Part of getting ready for the summer involves watching as many action-packed or silly summer movies as possible.

Your family entertainment room should go beyond a TV set, of course. Your entertainment room should have comfortable furniture for everyone to relax on as you watch movies or play video games for hours. Have some small tables so you can play fun board games like Monopoly or Checkers. Why not add a pool table Or some table tennis?

Hire Services to Prepare for Hot Weather

Getting your home ready for the summer means preparing for hot weather. The last thing you want for your family is for anyone to suffer heat stroke. According to the CDC, thousands of people die from heat-related stroke annually. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable, so make sure everyone’s body temperature remains normal and cool by calling upon HVAC services. If it’s time to replace your current AC, make sure you have your HVAC installation done before the summer heat really hits. The last thing you want is for your AC to shut down in the middle of a heat wave. So make sure you stay extra prepared and get your cooling units ready before the dog days of summer hit.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Some people don’t like cooking in the kitchen too much during the summer because of how the heat gets trapped in the kitchen. Luckily, you can get ready for the summer fun by installing an outdoor kitchen on your property. An outdoor kitchen can make it easier to cook in the summer months, since you’ll be able to cook out in the open air and stay cool.

You can make an outdoor kitchen look as beautiful as an internal one. So install some beautiful stone countertops, outdoor cabinetry, and faucet fixtures, so you can have a beautiful outdoor kitchen that you utilize all summer long.

Get Some Tree Care

Don’t forget to care for the trees on your property. Trees add so much by providing oxygen and cleaning the air of carbon. Get ready for the summer by calling local arborists to properly trim your trees. Trimming trees helps to keep them healthy and disease free. After all, it only takes one unmanaged and diseased or dead tree to make the other trees on your property sick.

You and the kids can also plant some new trees and look forward to watching them grow over the years. That to your existing garden by planting fruit trees that you can look forward to harvesting later on. Depending on your climate, you can grow apple trees, lemon trees, orange trees, pear trees, or trees that bear nuts.

While trees add so much to our property, sometimes tree removal services are necessary. As mentioned, a tree can get sick and die. If you have any dead trees on your property, it’s vital that you remove them as soon as possible so they don’t attract vermin that could be detrimental to your property. Sometimes, tree removal services may be necessary when you have a large tree with overgrown roots. Those overgrown roots can puncture through your septic tank and cause a health hazard. In some cases, if the tree is too close to your house, it can uproot its foundation. When you have a local arborist, check out your property, they can tell you which tree may need to be removed for you and your family’s safety.

Upgrade Your Roofing

If you’ve been meaning to replace your roof, getting ready for the summer is the best time to do so. If you live in an area that has seasonal weather, such as cold winters or windy falls, it may not be the opportune time to replace or repair a roof. However, once those warm, long, sunny days of summer hit, it’s the perfect opportunity to call upon local roofers. They can install a new metal or slate roof that can last as long as 50 to 70 years, according to Bob Vila.

If you’re interested in the benefits of a solar panel, what better way to get ready for the summer than by investing in this eco-friendly energy source. According to reports, as many as 3% of American households are now using solar energy, and that number is expected to climb. After a successful solar installation, you can expect those panels to last for as long as 25 years with good maintenance. If you do decide to install solar energy, it’s a great way to discuss the power of the sun and clean energy sources with your kids, so that they further understand how nature works.

Install a Water Well

If you’re tired of relying on county water, you may be ready to call upon water well drillers so your property can have its own well. What better way to get ready for the summer than by giving your family access to your own clean groundwater? According to CJ4Water,

the water table is lowest in the summer. So, doing water well drilling at that time means well installers will hit the water at its lowest point, and ensure that for the rest of the year, the well never goes dry.

As a homeowner, it’s an exciting prospect to add your own water well to your property. When you dig for a well, you’ll always have access to water, even if you’re on the outskirts of town in rural areas. You’ll be able to save money by having your own well and you’re not reliant on the local water supply. Since you don’t have to rely on a local water supply, that means you can save money by not paying a water bill. However, you are responsible for maintaining that well, and as long as you keep it up to date, you can rest assured that you and your family will have clean, disease-free water to drink. Unfortunately, when you’re relying on a local water supply, you don’t always have that assurance.

Depending on the area that you’re in, a water well may add value to your property, but there’s no guarantee. Many buyers are interested and attracted to a property that has its own water source as long as the water is clean and not contaminated. So before you get ready for summer by installing a well, make sure you’re prepared to keep up on inspections and manage its safety.

Check Your Wiring

Get ready for summer by calling on local electricians to inspect your home wiring.

When you have a big family playing video games, watching action movies, and working on laptops, that can put a lot of pressure on your home grid. If your grid has never been updated since you moved into your home, it may be outdated, Aand the wiring may have some complications. That’s why you should make sure local electricians do inspections to make sure there are no frayed wires. A frayed wire can be a fire hazard, but your local electricians can correct it and install new wiring to keep you and your family safe. If your grid doesn’t have the proper wattage for your home, the electrician can also correct that as well.

Getting your home ready for the summer can make it a fun place for parents and kids alike. Summer only comes once a year, so you should enjoy all the time that you have with your kids and other friends. Whether you’re swimming, gardening, playing basketball or having family movie nights, there are so many ways to ensure that your household has an amazing summer that you’ll remember for years to come.

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