Donations Are Essential

Disabled veterans donations

It’s now Spring and you haven’t cleaned out your closet since last summer. You’ve been meaning to get to it but there are so many other things going on. Understandable. But that top you haven’t worn in months or your significant other’s jean shorts can be of value to another person if you started donating clothing to charity. You wouldn’t even have to drive them anywhere because there are great charity clothing pick up companies that come and get them from you.

People in the United States waste millions of clothing by throwing them away rather than giving them to charity. Clothing donations not only help people but they make you feel great knowing you’re helping someone and that your closets are a little less cluttered. Your clutter will turn into donations for veterans or someone else that could use them.
There isn’t enough secondhand clothing being donated as there is; less than 50% of recycled clothing is used. People don’t always know the best charities to donate to but you can easily find the right companies to donate to. Just make sure that they have tax-exempt status.
People in the United States are going through more clothing than ever before. In turn, they are throwing away more than 50 pounds of clothing, which could easily be fixed by a call to a charity clothing pick up organization.

If you do feel like going for a car ride after being cooped up in the house while cleaning, you can go to a clothing drop off location where you can get write-offs for your donations. Come tax season, you could possibly be getting 100′ of dollars written off based on what you have given to help someone in need.

Charity organizations won’t exist if people continue to throw away their slightly used clothing. What are the best charities to donate to?
Go online and search local charity organizations and you will find a list of locations that will gladly take your clothing donations.

You may not feel like one person will make the difference but there are people everyday, whether they are children or veterans who can use someone like you.

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