Do You Have a Loved One Who Is in the Early Stage of Alzheimers?

Getting the help with Alzheimers care is not always that easy. From the simplest of things like having someone stay with your your husband in the church parking lot while you go back inside to get your dish from the church picnic to finding some one to spend the nights with your 90 year old mother, there are many needs that loved ones have when they have a loved one who is in early dementia stages.

The latest research indicates that Alzheimers disease is the only top 10 cause of death in the U.S. that cannot be prevented, slowed, or cured. For this reason, there is an increasing need for individuals and nursing home locations that offer help with Alzheimers care. From assisted living facilities that offer a variety of stages of care to memory care facilities that offer programs for families as well, it is important to know that there are a number of resources available. In fact, in addition to the many facilities that offer help with Alzheimers care, there are now also a growing number of services that will come into your home to administer care.

Early Detection of Dementia Can Help Families Deal with Difficult Transitions

Senior living comes with many difficult transitions, but the fact of the matter is that dementia and Alzheimers care can be especially difficult. For this reason, it is important to find the help that you need for your loved one. Consider some of these facts and figures about the increasing number of facilities that offer help with Alzheimers care and early stages of dementia:

  • 40% assisted living residents received assistance with three or more activities of daily living. Bathing and dressing are the most common.
  • 74% of assisted living residents are female; which means that 26% are male.
  • 66% of U.S. Alzheimer’s patients are women.
  • 33% of seniors pass away with Alzheimers or another form of dementia.
  • 75% of assisted living residents have had at least two of the 10 most common chronic conditions. Of all of these conditions, high blood pressure and Alzheimers disease and other dementias are the most prevalent.

There are different types of dementia. If you are dealing with a loved one who is suffering from memory issues, it is important to get an evaluation and determine the kind of care that you will need.

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