3 Alternative Funding Options for Private Education

There are essential benefits at choosing a private education over a public one, although there are also costs that are incurred for those choosing private. These costs sometimes deter families from trying to get their kids in, simply because they are not aware of other financing options available. With more than two million enrolled in … [Read more…]

Three Tips For The Preschool-Hunting Parent

Preschool is something that was once considered an option rather than a need by many parents. This is not simply because parents were uneducated about the benefits of preschool — and in the early days, being educated about private preschools and what they have to offer was difficult. In fact, preschools of the past are … [Read more…]

Summer Camp is the Best Part of Preschool

Preschools provide children with the foundation for learning and social skills on which they will build their entire lives. As the benefits of early childhood education become clearer, more and more children are being enrolled in preschool and early childhood education programs. Many preschools offer summer programs and summer camp with games, music, arts and … [Read more…]