3 Alternative Funding Options for Private Education

There are essential benefits at choosing a private education over a public one, although there are also costs that are incurred for those choosing private. These costs sometimes deter families from trying to get their kids in, simply because they are not aware of other financing options available. With more than two million enrolled in private school in 2016, and about a quarter of all schools in the U.S. are private it’s easy to see why private schools are so popular, and why parents are opting to send their kids there rather than other schools. If you are one of those parents wanting to choose private education for your child, but not finding the funds, read the below tips to get some helpful advice on resources available to help make private education a reality for more kids.

Outside Scholarships

There are many options that exist for those who are looking for a way to pay for private schooling for their kiddos. Many parents are sure where to start, or even aware of the fact that these programs exist. Many families are well aware of the advantages of attending private schools, but don’t know where to start to begin to find assistance. Outside scholarships can help those who believe they have found the best private education and are needing help paying for it. Many national and local places offer scholarships for children to attend private schools even if their parents are unable to pay the full amount of tuition. Consider searching for outside scholarship opportunities to see what the qualifications are and how to apply for them.

State Programs

There are many state programs that offer assistance with paying for private school tuition. Different states have different programs, so knowing what is available can help tremendously with those struggling with payment for a private education. Different states will have different programs and different requirements for each programs, therefore it is important to understand the requirements before hand. Some of these state programs can involve tax credits on individual taxes. These credits helps offset some of the costs of private education by giving families more money on their tax returns.

School Direct

Sometimes when you find the exact school that you would like your child to attend it is beneficial to talk to them about scholarships or other financial assistant programs. Sometimes the individual school has funds that they don’t advertise. These funds are set side for children who want to attend school with a private setting, but are unable to afford it due to a number of reasons. Speaking with individuals from the school directly can turn up financial assistance that you were not aware of. While this assistance may not pay for the entire cost of education it can offer help so that some families who otherwise would not be able to send their children can send them.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are other options that you may find if you look and search. You never know what resources are available until you start looking. Sometimes more than one program or scholarship can be used, meaning that more of the cost of tuition can be paid with multiple programs. Research the best options and make sure that they offer funds to your school if you are interested in private education for your children.

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