Breaking Down a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Familys Convenience

Ever wonder what the role of a Personal Injury Attorney is? Every time you encounter the word “personal injury,” perhaps on the internet or on television, you are probably wondering what does that mean?

With that in mind, you will understand what a personal injury attorney is and why they are a big help.

Understanding Personal Injury

Personal injury means an injury to yourself or your body. This happens when you’re hurt or whenever you’re injured.

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Though it’s not your fault, you will still need a personal injury attorney.

They will deal with negligence cases, and intentional torts. A negligence case is when you’re even if it’s not your fault, like harming you because they are careless and don’t intend to do it.

An example of carelessness is when someone is driving and accidentally hits you because they were careless in driving. They become negligent, as lawyers would call it.

Intentional is like when you’re driving, and they hit you from the back intentionally, which means they intended to harm you. Whatever the case may be, and it is not your fault, you may have a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Attorney

A Personal Injury Attorney is a civil lawyer. This is to recover money damages to compensate for medical expenses for injuries. They are different from criminal lawyers, as they usually deal with money damages.


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