A Day in a Flower Shop

Flower arrangements are beautiful as gifts, centerpieces, and bouquets. They can be a lovely addition to home decor or for event decoration. What do florists do in a day at a flower shop?

The best florist will often start the day by going to source flowers from a nearby flower market. If not, they may grow flowers directly at the floral shops. They can then begin cutting and cleaning the flowers needed for the orders of the day.

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They must make sure to remove and leaves or thorns on the stems of the flowers. Arranging fresh flowers can be an enjoyable part of the day. A florist may also have standard arrangements for sale that needs to be set up that morning.

Making sure that the flowers stay hydrated once they are cut and arranged is of the utmost importance. This will affect how well they sell. All flowers should be stored in refrigerators to maintain their freshness throughout the day. Wrapping the flowers in beautiful tissue paper with ribbon is another important step in the day. Presentation of the flowers is what makes florists so special.

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