5 Ways to Host a Minecraft Server

This video outlines the step-by-step process of hosting a Minecraft server. Several ways are available to host a Minecraft server, from free hosting to paid plans on third-party servers. A dedicated mcpe server hosting is popular and easier to create using your iPhone or android. Many companies offer Minecraft-dedicated servers for a monthly subscription fee.

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These services make it easy to host a server with little technical knowledge. They also often have mods and custom maps that can enhance your experience.
You can download it directly from the official website and enjoy a free trial version that allows you to play until your world reaches a specific number of blocks. For a free server hosting account, you will need to download and install Minecraft PE first. Next, create a hosting server account and start your server. You will need basic technical knowledge and hardware to set it up. You can also host worlds for your friends to play in when they come over or share them online.
Mcpe server hosting is easy to manage and maintain. It does not run any other programs but Minecraft itself, so there are fewer programs in the background at any given time.

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