4 Things You’ll Want to Keep in Mind for Custom Home Building

Home building needs some planning if you want to do it right and get a home that you’re proud of and enjoy living in. It’s a good idea to research thoroughly and work with the relevant professionals from the planning stages through to the construction stage. That said, talk to a luxury home builder if you want a luxurious home. Their experience will help you to come up with the ideal home for you.

You also need to research things such as the average cost of new home construction. This can help you to save enough money and secure funding if you need it to make sure you don’t have to stop unnecessarily throughout the process of home construction. Once you know the expenses of building a home, you should also find out the average cost of permits to build a house as they can add up considerably. Searching online for something like “average cost of new home construction per square foot” will show you a number of figures that you can use as an approximation.

Don’t forget to check the cost of building a new home with the specific material that you want to construct your home with. For example, you should check to find out the average cost of lumber to build a house if you want to construct with lumbar. This will help you prepare accordingly, and you can get an amazing outcome by doing so.

Custom home builder franchises

It?s time to move into a new home — but exactly how are you going to customize it?

If you?ve decided to opt for custom home plans, then you certainly know how many choices there are out there when it comes to picking the perfect designs. If all you?ve dealt with before is moving into formerly occupied homes, then all these choices can feel a bit overwhelming. Here?s a few things you?re going to want to keep in mind.

The Overall Price

Exactly how much do custom home builders charge? Obviously, it?s going to vary based on a number of factors — where you?re building, how large the home will be, how many parts of it are highly individualized to your needs, etc. Generally, contractors will charge about 15% to 25% of the total cost of the home.

Now is the Time to Get Green

When your entire home is being customized to your specifications, you get to call the shots. Did you know, for example, that geothermal systems use up to 50% less energy than conventional heating counterparts? Not surprisingly, they?re also responsible for less emissions. When your home is custom built, you can ask for designs that keep green living in mind. Whether this means Energy Star appliances, energy efficient layouts, or solar panels, you get your choice and a feel-good way to help out the environment.

Cut Energy Costs

We noted it above briefly, but there are numerous ways to cut down on energy costs with custom house designs. Convection ovens, for example, use less energy than traditional ovens; using spray foam installation instead of traditional insulation can reduce heating costs by up to 50%; weather stripping can help prevent air leaks that will otherwise eat up 30% of your heating and cooling costs. Gone are the days where your heating and cooling bills are incredibly high!

Look Toward the Future

Custom house models can be useful if you’re trying to design a home that will not only accommodate your needs today, but tomorrow as well. Do you plan on having your aging parents move in, for example? With custom house models, you can create a somewhat separate living area within your home so that they can have their privacy while still being connected to the overall household — and considering that stairs often become difficult with age, it’s possible to put this sort of living space on the first floor instead.

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