3 Good Reasons to Donate Your Clothing

Used clothing donations

What’s in your closet? If you’re a rampant consumer like majority of Americans, chances are you have more clothing than you know what to do with. In fact, Americans consume a whopping 20 billion garments a year, equaling about 68 pieces of clothing and 7 pairs of shoes. That’s one piece of clothing per week! And unlike food, when you consume clothing, it doesn’t go away when you’re finished with it. Rather, people throw away around 10 pounds of clothing each year, ending up piling up in landfills like any other piece of waste.
But luckily, garment waste doesn’t have to be a problem. With used clothing donations from organizations like American Red Cross the process has never been easier. So why are clothes donations a good route? Are you too keen to hold onto your massive wardrobe? Read on to find out why you should donate clothing:

Release the Chaos in Your Life
If you have clothing strewn all over every surface of your room, it might be time to bring your garments over to a clothing donation center. While we may not realize it, the clutter in our lives has a very real impact on our stress levels, our emotional well-being and the order of our lives. Dropping your garments at a clothing donation pickup could also mean dropping a great deal of clutter and stress in your life.

Do a Good Deed
When you drop your garments at a clothing donation pickup center, the next stop is typically a thrift store, sponsored by an organization such as the American Red Cross. These organizations offer quality clothing to individuals at very low prices. Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds typically go to charitable causes, such as helping those in need.

Thrift Others’ Donations
In a sense, clothing donation is like one big clothing swap with the community. By giving away your garments, you are making room to find new lightly worn garments to add to your wardrobe. And the best part is, you’re satisfying your own need to shop without contributing to the rampant global garment waste issue that is currently transpiring.

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