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Donate clothes to red cross

Helping the needy is less of an option and more of a social duty. In a lot of ways, it helps keeping society functioning. It’s easy to forget about the people less fortunate than us and keep on living but, every now and then, it pays to give what little extra we have to those who might actually need it. After all, waste and excess are incredibly ugly things. Donations of any type, from American red cross clothing donations to simple donations to food banks, are a type of social recycling that give back constantly to any communities that might need them. But, you may ask yourself, where are all of these donations going to? If I make multiple American red cross clothing donations, then where do my clothes actually end up? It’s a fair question and one with a very diverse and interesting answer. Let’s take a look at a few areas that red cross clothing donations go to and how they help.

    Military families
    For families in the service, these clothing donations are often critical to survival. While their wives or husbands are overseas, it can be extremely hard on these families to keep finances or payments. Money can only flow in so fast and it leaves just as quickly. This is also before we consider the possible death of the individual during service as well. Then all bets are off. That’s why the American red cross clothing donations centers focus so heavily on giving back to all military families in need. Especially for families in colder and wilder areas, the clothing donations can be critical for their survival. A one parent household in Washington with a recently deceased spouse is absolutely going to suffer come winter provided they don’t receive any outside help. Alternatively, a young woman who’s mother is off on another continent might struggle to provide even the most basic necessities for herself. Food. Clothing. Education. Clothes donations are one of the simplest ways to handle these problems and they go such a long way to alleviating suffering for all those families who are enlisted in the service.
    This isn’t to say the enlisted themselves are necessarily better off when they return. Most American red cross clothing donations center also work closely with veterans organizations to donate clothes and other goods to any returning veterans who might be having a hard time. For many veterans, just making the return to civilian life is hard enough. Throw in the problems that come with PTSD and lack of funds or support and the problems only grow exponentially. For those veterans who suffer from trauma or some form of PTSD, simply providing basic care for themselves can get extremely difficult. This is where clothing donations and other sorts of donations come in handy. They can provide a sort of support web or network that helps the veteran provide basic care and services for herself. It acts a safety net for those individuals who have already given so much to their country.
    The homeless
    Of course, the military isn’t the only organization that works with american red cross clothing donations centers to get what they need. Many homeless charities work with them as well to provide essential care and support to those people who might have nowhere to go and nowhere to turn to. The variety and size of the homeless population might surprise you as well. In many cities, young people are at increasing risk for homelessness as job and housing opportunities continue to shrink. Many of these poor young people might look alright but in actuality have nowhere to go. Compound this with the more classic examples of the homeless population and you have a very large problem that needs to be solved. This is where homeless charities come to very effective work. They strive tirelessly to provide food and shelter for anyone who might be down on their luck or have suffered a string of misfortunes. Poverty is a cycle, after all and one that can be hard to break from. Donations are one of the most important ways that charities can fight back.

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