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American red cross clothing donations

Cool Facts About Why and How We Give

Every year in the United States, 70% of people give to a charity and a total of 3% the nation’s income goes to charity. In fact, non-profit organizations put over $666 billion for into the nation’s economy every year, so when you donate clothing to a Red Cross donation center or send money to a

American red cross donations

The Benefits of Donating Used Clothing

It’s so easy to do, without much thinking. There is a pair of old jeans or a jacket that is a little frayed and worn or a pair of gloves that have lived past their “usefulness.” Instead of going to a donation center, they go into a black plastic bag, put into the trash, and

Clothes donations

Where and how charities can help

Helping the needy is less of an option and more of a social duty. In a lot of ways, it helps keeping society functioning. It’s easy to forget about the people less fortunate than us and keep on living but, every now and then, it pays to give what little extra we have to those

Clothes donations

Surprising Tax Deductions You May Not Be Aware Of

Tax season is upon us. The tax filing deadline will be here before we know it. People all over the country are gathering their tax records, organizing them, and preparing to either drop it off at a tax professional or to file taxes alone. Some are figuring out deductions and things they can rightfully claim

Clothes donations

3 Good Reasons to Donate Your Clothing

What’s in your closet? If you’re a rampant consumer like majority of Americans, chances are you have more clothing than you know what to do with. In fact, Americans consume a whopping 20 billion garments a year, equaling about 68 pieces of clothing and 7 pairs of shoes. That’s one piece of clothing per week!