Your Old, Someone Else’s New

It is no secret that humans love to shop. For many Americans, buying clothes is something that happens even when we aren’t counting on it. Studies say that the average American buys at least one item of clothing every week! Have you ever looked into your closet and wondered what to do with all of the items that go unworn day in and day out? Before you decide to throw out any of those unwanted articles, remember that the American Red Cross clothing donations are always accepted!

Want to give a new home to that old tee shirt that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for years? How about those old jeans haven’t worn since you started hitting the gym, but once you tried to slip into them again you found that they were now just a hair to big? Clothing for those without is one of the most prominent needs in our country, and those people in need are counting on you to donate. The American Red Cross is one of the largest charities in the country, providing clothing and other necessities for the homeless and the needy every single day thanks to the help from donors like you. American Red Cross clothing donations is something that anyone can be a part of and make a difference with.

Most people don’t even realize just how easy it is to donate clothing.

Red Cross Pickup

In many states around the country, the Red Cross has their own pick up service. You don’t even have to move that old jacket or the pair of slacks that you’re looking to donate farther than your driveway to pass them along. Simply box them up, call to arrange a pick up, and just like that those clothes will be retrieved and distributed where they are most needed.

American Red Cross Donation Centers

An alternative to pick up would be to gather together all of the clothes that you are no longer using and drop them at one of the many Red Cross donation centers around the country. These items are then sorted by the great staff and sent off to those in need.

American Red Cross clothing donations are just that simple.

Clothing donations through American Red Cross mark a simple but necessary way to benefit the community around you—and because your donations are tax deductible, that ensures that there is room in both your wallet and your closet for that next shopping spree!

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