Your Furniture Does Not Need to Be the Most Expensive Thing in Your House

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I love moving. I know, there are not many people like me out there. Something about a new town, a fresh start, and a new experience makes each move something to look forward to and not something to dread. Except for the part where you need to get new furniture.

I married a man in the military. Whether it was fate, or dumb luck, I do not care. The point is, moving around is just something that we have to do and I am fortunate that I love it so much. It is not exactly easy moving around all the time, especially with three kids. Our military family has found that the furniture that worked in one house does not necessarily work in another. Some rooms end up being smaller, or having layouts that mean our great kitchen table no longer has a home anywhere except the garage.

Whether you need affordable furniture because times are tough, or because you are constantly in need of new furniture that will fit into your home, you can follow some of my tried and true tips.

  • Look for furniture stores with financing.
  • We happen to be on a pretty tight budget, so being able to finance furniture is a huge help. When you get to pay little bits here and there, it makes it at least feel like you are paying less.

  • Look for outlet stores with websites.
  • You can save a lot of money by getting discounted furniture from outlet stores, and having it delivered straight to you. After all of our moving, this is the only way that we order new furniture.

  • Clearance furniture.
  • If you need cheap quality bedroom furniture, then you need to target your search to the discount furniture. The best part about clearance furniture is that there is nothing wrong with it. It just did not get sold fast enough.

Did you know that the average homeowner keeps a sofa for seven years? Furniture is supposed to be a long term investment, unless of course that sofa cannot fit through the front door of your new house. When you need cheap quality bedroom furniture, or any affordable furniture, follow my tips and enjoy some well deserved savings.

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  1. Jim Crawford

    These are some good tips! I would throw in that it also helps to look for slightly damaged furniture. Usually the damage is minimal and the discount is steep.

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