Why Your Hard Water Needs A Water Softener

Drinking water

We have so many options these days when it comes to what we drink. With our meals, we can have soda or beer. With our desserts, we can have coffee or tea. Even in the middle of the day we can stop at a local convenient store and see literally dozens of choices when it comes to drinks.

Among those many choices is a large variety of bottled water options. There are several companies that have gotten into the bottled water business because they have seen how lucrative it can be to offer purified or spring water to people who don’t believe they can get healthy water from their own taps. Millions of people have hard water running through their pipes and don’t know that what they actually need is a good water softener to make the water healthy and taste the way good water should.

Roughly two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. Drinking water is a must because water influences 100% of our body’s systems. Water not only helps our bodies function better, it even reduces the risks of various diseases that have plagued us for some years now. Research over the years has shown us that drinking water from a bottled water source or a water treatment system can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by up to 50%, and even reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The average household in the United States will use up to roughly 350 gallons of water every day. This is due to many things including showering, toilet flushes, washing dishes, watering the lawn and more. At the same time, people will buy bottled water for drinking when they could actually be saving money by installing a whole home water filtration system.

With a filtration system installed in your home, you can rely on the water softener to remove particles that harden the water, making it fresh, clean, and healthy to drink. In the United States, about 85% of homes are bothered by a hard water problem. Hard water is measured and defined by grains per gallon as calcium carbonate. The equation works out to be 1 grain equals 17.1 milligrams per liter. A good water softener is designed to remove this build up of chemicals, keeping the healthy materials in your water like fluoride.

When you install a quality water softener to your home’s water system, you will instantly see the results, not just in the way your water tastes but also in the way your shower is no longer built up with residue and other remnants of hard water. But, if there were no other reason, you would still want to install that water softener. Your newly purified water will make you want to restart your commitment to drinking more water. You could lose weight, stay more active, and fight disease right from your own kitchen tap.

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