Why do People Hire Private Investigators?

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Private investigators have been a part of popular culture for many, many years. Some of the more famous fictional characters, such as Sherlock Holmes and his doctor sidekick Watson, have been PIs. The common perception of a private investigator is someone who follows around potentially cheating spouses Miami, takes pictures from afar of nefarious activity, et cetera.

This perception is not wrong, but it does not account for half of all private investigator Miami work, which is for businesses. This sounds like corporate espionage, but really, it is more mundane, and quite legal. A corporate private detective miami is likely to be employed by an insurance company or credit collection services.

There is one case noted in many introductory law books about an insurance company that decided to check up on a fireman who had filed for lifetime workers compensation after a back injury left him in constant pain and unable to do simple lifting activities. Imagine what happened when their private investigator came around to the home of the man to check up on him, only to find him lifting many things, looking fine, and getting ready for a fishing trip. Needless to say, the insurance company then denied the claim.

Many people looking for a private investigator Los Angeles, though, just want someone followed, whether it is a spouse to see if they are cheating, or to gather information for court cases such as divorce proceedings or custody battles, et cetera. Another individual use of a private investigator miami is for investors to look into the details of potential high risk investment ventures so as not to become involved in a Ponzi scheme, or become a victim of fraud. In addition to surveillance work, a private investigator miami can also do background checks and traces for their clients.

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