What You Need to Know About Tent And Chair Rentals For Big Parties

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Event planning can be stressful. There are hundreds of details to decide on and arrange for the big day. Some of these details involve the fun aspects of a wedding, such as the flowers and venue. Other details are not as flashy, and yet they are perhaps more important. Tent and chair rentals are an essential component of many weddings that are memorable for the right reasons. Here is how to plan for yours.

Tent And Chair Rentals May Not Be the Most Glamorous Part of Planning a Wedding.

Figuring out how many tables and chairs will be needed for the wedding is not the most glamorous job. The process of planning for seating arrangements is vital for the guests’ comfort however. A good guideline is to decide on the flow of the event first, and rent tables and chairs to match it.

Figure Out How the Event Will Flow First.

Some brides dream of a casual wedding on the beach with lots of dancing. Other brides envision a fancy dinner followed by an elegant slow dance. It is important to know what the preference is first, as the wedding rentals will fall in line after.

The flow of a wedding is not the same as the theme. The two are closely tied together in that the theme will dictate how the wedding will unfold. In the examples above, a casual beach wedding might only need chairs for the ceremony and a dance floor. A tent with flooring might be added for dancing. For the example of the seated dinner, more chairs are definitely required for the switch from ceremony to dinner.

How to Know If You’ll Need a Tent For the Event.

Many brides would love to have an elegant tent for their outdoor wedding, but the extra cost stops them. While sticking to a budget is important when planning a wedding it is also necessary to remember that this is the biggest event most people will ever host.

Wedding tent rentals are recommended to guard against the weather. Because so many As more brides and grooms decide on an outdoor wedding, it is important that they don’t forget the comfort of their guests. Too much sun can be just as much of a problem as rain on the big day.

Deciding On the Theme of the Event Will Effect the Tent and Chair Rentals.

Tent and chair rentals come in a variety of styles. The style a happy couple chooses for their wedding depends on both the theme of the wedding and the location. The three styles of tents are clear span, frame, and tension pole. The rental company should survey the location first and provide recommendations for the best stability and appearance.

Getting all of the details “right” is a fruitless endeavor. Good planning is a compromise between what one wants and what will actually work. When it comes to tent and chair rentals for a wedding, don’t be afraid to talk with several rental suppliers to find what you are looking for.

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