What to Do When It is Time to Move

It is a common practice for American households to pack up all their belongings and relocate to a new address. This may happen multiple times in a person’s life, and small businesses may undergo this process too. Moving is physical work, and it often calls for assistance with packing up or transporting furniture and personal items. Fortunately, plenty of help for moving is out there. Moving professionals can be contacted and hired to help out, and a moving professional will provide a truck or a trailer for storing the client’s items securely. Movers can be found in nearly any state or area in the United States for a private household or small company, and a person can start searching online. A query such as “moving company Burlington VT” or “small business movers Los Angeles CA” can yield some nearby results. What is there to know about moving?

Americans and Relocating

It may be quite rare for a person to have the same residence for all of his or her life. From childhood through middle age, it is common for people to move often, but moving rates may slow down as the person enters their senior years. A person or family may move for any number of reasons. One common reason is if one or both spouses in a family got a promotion or a new job elsewhere and must move closer to an office building or other site. Another reason is if a baby is born and the family is growing too large for the current house, or the opposite may be true. Older, “empty nest” parents may not like the expenses of their large house and its empty room, so they may move to a smaller house that doesn’t have kids in mind. Or, a person may move simply to see and experience something new or try a new lifestyle. This may be popular among Millennials, those in their early 20s through mid 30s, who are experimenting with their adulthood. Today’s Millennials are known for their experimental and fluid lifestyles, so they may often move, and they may choose to rent property rather than buy it. In fact, it has been found that one in three of all people in their 20s will move in any given year.

A small company may move for similar reasons. A company may grow too large for its current premises, and the manager may choose to relocate to a larger office building. Or, the company’s customer or client base has dried up in an area, so the company is seeking greener pastures, so to speak, in a new neighborhood or even a new town or city. Smaller companies can hire moving crews just like homeowners to have all their items loaded and transported to new premises.

The Move

Moving may be a serious undertaking. The average household has nearly 300,000 items in it today, ranging from clothing to forks and spoons to kids’ toys and furniture. This can be a real strain, so moving is a good time to trim down the inventory. Before the move, families can gather items from across the house and sort them by category to see what they can get rid of. Often, old clothes can be donated or given away, and this can trim down the wardrobe and help a person appreciate the clothes that they really want. Other unwanted items such as leftover chairs or tables, or kids’ toys or extra kitchen supplies, can also be donated or thrown away as needed. The fewer items the household has, the easier it may be to ship the entire load to the new address, and the more room there will be at the new residence.

A homeowner can look up local moving crews in their area and assess each one based on availability, customer reviews, fees, distance they can travel, and what sort of truck or trailer that they can provide. Once the crew is hired, and items are packed into labeled cardboard boxes, they can all be loaded into a truck or trailer. In the trailer, items can be packed close together to prevent jostling or falling, and straps may be used on some heavy items to keep them in place.

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