What Are HOA Websites?

If you are considering moving, you may find yourself in a home with an HOA. Many HOA communities have HOA websites for board members and residents to use. Keep reading to learn what HOA websites are and what information can be found on HOA websites.

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Let’s start with what HOA websites are. An HOA website gives your community an online focal point to share and receive information about what’s going on within the community. It helps board members and property managers engage with presidents and vice versa.

Most HOA websites are not public facing. But what is the difference between a public-facing website and a backend portal? Anyone in the whole world can see what you post on your public-facing website, so you should avoid posting any sensitive information to avoid negative consequences if that is the case. If the website is a backend portal, any information posted is protected.

The best websites have a password-protected login so the board and resident’s information remains safe and secure online. These are backend HOA websites

Looking to learn more about HOA websites? Watch the video above for everything you need to know!


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