Tips for Furnishing a Beach House

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For many people who own a home or a condo at the beach, it is a dream of theirs. They have likely saved and planned for such a home for years and now that they have it, they want to furnish it with a combination of condo furnishing options that are affordable, attractive, stylish, and practical.

When it comes to ideas for furnishing a condo, take and overall look at how you want the entire place to look, giving it a cohesive design. At the same time, planning furniture in a room by room basis will give each section of the home its own unique features. Here are a few tips for furnishing a home down at the beach.

1.) Always make sure you measure the space you have in each room before you go to the furniture stores to pick out your furniture pieces and accessories.

This would seem like an obvious point, but you might be surprised by how many people fail to do this. They head to the store, pick out a piece of furniture they absolutely love and must have, and then cannot take delivery because it won’t fit in their living room or den. Take that tape measure to every inch of your home. Write down the details. This will save you a ton of anxiety and embarrassment.

2.) When planning furniture in a room, also bring in items that give a feel for the beach.

You want to try to simulate a water feel without the actual ocean. So, bring in items that are reminiscent of the beach itself. Driftwood pieces, sea blues, neutral sandy colors, sea grass compilations all bring out the tone of the beach and make your shore home feel comfortable. You bought the home by the beach for a reason. Make it as much a part of the beach as you can.

3.) Another tip for furnishing your beach house or condo is to add some things to spruce up and accentuate the beach decor.

For example, you can very inexpensively use lightweight and sheer curtains to keep an effect of airiness going throughout the entire house. When people decide on purchasing a home down the shore, one of the reasons is that they like the way the air and wind flow. They love the smells and sounds of an open-air kind of living. When you use curtains and cloth to accentuate this, things simply feel more like the beach.

Planning furniture in a room at your beach house or condo doesn’t have to be any more complicated than planning furniture in a room at your permanent home. When you measure the room properly, find furniture that accentuates the feeling of your particular house, and add accents with things like curtains and beach-like fabrics, you will have a second home that you will never want to leave. At least until after Labor Day.

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